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Hi There! I’m Maggie!


Well, I know you’ve been looking around my website and my name has come up just a ‘few’ times! So, here’s some more about me.


I come from a Romanian gypsy background which, I believe, has given me an innate inner sense of rhythm and also a certain instinctual freedom: This is expressed in my dancing and movements, with an inhibition that truly keeps me alive. For me dancing and the music takes me away to another world, but most of all, I have FUN!

I have been dancing all of my life – since I was a little girl, dancing has always come naturally to me. I have successfully competed in countless competitions in all different styles of dancing - Salsa, Belly Dance, Disco, RNB, and so many more!


In 1999, as an untrained dancer, I won first place, beating the trained professionals – this inspired my career. I realised that I had real talent... With this competition win and the title of “Salsa Queen”, I gained the courage to chase my dreams further and founded Latino Fever School of Dance so that I could to share my passion of Salsa and all forms of dance with others!


The accolades and awards have been numerous with so many other Placements, Final Standings In 2003, it was my greatest joy to win the “Sabor Latino” Award with my son, Claudio! (Sabor Latino means ‘Latin Flavour’) and it truly was a dream realised to dance with my son and win such a highly prized award! Since that time, I have worked tirelessly at Latino Fever School of Dance and its growth and ever increasing success is everything I could have hoped for and have worked for all my life – as a Dancer, a natural born Entertainer and as someone who was meant to share the special God-given gifts of my life with others, it is my privilege to see the dreams of not only myself and family and friends, but also of complete strangers, come true as they are touched by the power of dance.


Every few years, I will of course always come back with more – dancing, competitions, surprises! I’m always looking for a new challenge and a new way to enrich my life, my experience and to be able to pass all of this on to others.


maggie  Maggie


Today, I draw on my experiences in Latin Dance, Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, RNB, Belly Dance, Samba, Disco, Jive-Swing, Solo, Tango Dance and more, all of which help to create my own unique style of self-expression through my teaching, dancing, performing and competing. Each day I learn something new, not only new dances moves, but also about myself and others. When I teach, I feel I am sharing part of my life with my students. I encourage all my students to improve their dancing. I am immensely proud of all my students and the Latino Fever School of Dance Team, many of whom started at LFSD as students and who are now Professional Dancers and Instructors, or social dancers with a smile on their faces!


Latino Fever School of Dance can be found dancing and entertaining countless people all around Sydney on almost every day of the week. I myself have a great rapport and long history with night clubs such as Vivas Night Club, Spanish Club, La Campana, Marconi Club, Watershed Club, Darling Harbour, Copacabana Brazilian Restaurant Show Boat, private functions,, for different churches, dancing for hospital patients with cancers, and so much more.


Maggie and Claudio  Maggie


I would like to say a very big and special thank you to all the people who have helped me and continue to make Latino Fever School of Dance a reality- too many to mention really, you know who you are, however, the following must not go unnamed: my sister Elizabeth, my son Claudio, all the performers, teachers, students, assistants, Latino Fever Team Leader, all the Community Colleges which I’ve worked with over many years all of the Night Clubs, Restaurants and Latin Clubs that have continually showcased my work; all the DJ’s and Bands and Performers I have worked with thank you all for believing in me!


To everyone who has been there and will be in the future, thank you, and don’t forget:

“Let The Music Take You Away, But Most of All, Have FUN!”