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Salsa Students Testimonials


In our testimonials page, our aim at Latino Fever School of Dance is to hand over the page to you, our students and supporters and to ask you to share your thoughts and experiences at Latino Fever School of Dance with us and with others.

We find that this way not only do you contribute to the site as you already do so much to the success of our school, but at LFSD we welcome your comments and feedback. Please share any testimonials with us by emailing us at our contact page, phone us during business hours, or talk to your teacher. We look forward to hearing from you!

The following is a testimonial from one of our students,

“Hi, my name is Michael Adam.  I’m in my 50’s, very fit for my age.  I felt that I wanted something new in my life, so a few years ago, I enrolled into a dancing course with Latino Fever School of Dance into a Salsa Class for Beginners.  I’ve never danced before, but I saw lots of people that enjoy salsa dancing as a fun and social dance so I gave it a try.

I found that it was very relaxing for my stress and it gave me a lot of confidence, talking to different kinds of people, meeting lots of friends.

My social life has now improved and we go out together we socialise in a group.  I feel that I’m a changed person, I cannot believe the satisfaction that I got from this dancing!  I recommend it to anybody!   I’m now in intermediate casses and now I’m starting to enjoy it more as I’m also helping the beginners classes too!  I got a lot from dancing including:

                   » Friends
                   » Confidence
                   » Getting fit
                   » Stress relief

Dancing is fun for everyone – whether you are young or old doesn’t matter, it’s fun and enjoyable!
Latino Fever School of Dance teachers are very professional, supportive and friendly, because dancing is like an addiction – but don’t worry it’s a nice addiction! "

Best regards,

Michael Adam. 

Another testimonial from one of our students, Ajay:

"Latino Fever use concepts of teaching that creates a solid foundation to adapt with any kind of dancing. The students are extremely lucky to be in your class, with teachers that care for and set a good guidance for infinite growth. You not only teach them how to dance but also show them how to learn, which I feel is an important part of being.

Your students with the teacher's inspiration can create the next generation of exciting dancers! Your outings are a great idea. I had a fun time meeting and dancing with so many Latini Fever Dance students (from different classes) and teachers. There was a definite warm welcome with this school."

Best regards,


Don’t Forget to send us Your Testimonials too, so we can add these to our constantly updated page!

“Let The Music Take You Away, But Most of All: Have FUN!”