Latino Fever - School of Dance in Sydney


Hi! I’m Claudio!


You may not know who I am at the moment, but trust me, if my Mum, Maggie, has anything to say about that, and she Will, then soon you will all know me and Maggie very well very soon!

Anyway, so more about ME:


I am, as is Maggie, from a traditionally Romanian gypsy background. This, Mum tends to think and I agree, sort of give us a ‘lock in’ on what is rhythmic (good when it comes to dancing, and not bad when it comes to the other gender either!).


So, basically instead of stumbling around the dance floor and stepping on your toes, you might say that I’m the sort of person you’d like to partner on the dance floor – hey we’re talking about dancing here okay, and dancing is something we already know is in my gypsy blood! So the point is, you need someone to show you what Maggie and I like, are good at, and can share with you.


I have been involved in singing, drama and dancing since 5 years of age (basically born with it, you might say!). At 14, after watching Mum perform, train and teach Salsa, it began to look good to me. So I started, first as a social dancer, then in competitions, performing and assisting in teaching. One of the greatest experiences of my life was competing in the Latin Fiesta in 2003 – and we WON the “Sabor Latino” Award! Also “up there” as top notch experiences have included Special Guest performances for Jose Prates, founder of LADA, the Bacardi Festival, as well as many other clubs, events and venues around Sydney.


Some of my areas of expertise include: Street Salsa, Cuban, LA, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Rueda, Shines, and a few other Latino ‘sexy’ dance styles! My personal favourite is Cuban – dancing!


I am proud to be able to talk up the title of “Main Dancer” with the School, and I know I can teach you a few Hot moves too! I am of course always constantly training and looking to further develop my skills as a dancer!

I believe that I was born to entertain and in this vein, I am always working hard to train myself in all forms of entertainment, as well as of course, dancing. I am currently training to become a DJ and MC, as well as taking up Choreography. Acting and Modelling are also areas of interest and further progress for me.


This is my dream:


"To be not only a First Class Dancer and Performer, but to constantly grow and challenge myself with further progress in all areas of the entertainment industry".


It’s hard work, but it’s the work I love! Like me, you can realise your dreams too. And Latino Fever School of Dance can help you. So I hope to see you too on the dance floor!”


Claudio  Claudio  Claudio


Grazias !!